Lyrics Can Be Overrated

I know songs today need lyrics and/or Lady Gaga to be successful, but here are some good party tunes that don’t need words to be enjoyable. I’ve also included some hypothetical situations in which these songs would provide ideal soundtracks.

“Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny

This one makes me want to get in a convertible, drive to Lovers Lane (the hypothetical small-town hotspot, not the Midwest sex store), and get into some heavy petting and hicky-making.

“Walk Don’t Run” by The Ventures

This makes me want to grab a surf board and head to the beach in some ill-fitting swim trunks that are too tight, show too much thigh, and go up past my bellybutton (bingo).

“Them From A Summer Place” by Percy Faith

This one makes me want to go to a garden party at the country club, where I can be nice to peoples’ faces but tell everyone about their daughter’s secret abortion or the husband’s alcoholism behind their backs. While eating watercress sandwiches.

“In the Mood” by The Glenn Miller Orchestra

This one makes me want to cut a rug then go kill some Japs.

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