When TV Characters Pretend to be Singers

There was some weird phenomenon in the ’90s (aside from frosted tips) that I would never admit to actually loving. For some reason, almost every character on TV sitcoms decide to start a singing career for about two episodes. More often than not, the brief musical stint is never mentioned again.

Maybe it started with The Bradys, who tackled both the “character goes through puberty” episode and the “characters form a band” episode in one fell swoop:

The most obvious example of this trend was on Saved by the Bell. The gang started the band Zack Attack and had the mind-blowingly amazing hit* single, “Friends Forever.”

*The word “hit” is up for interpretation

But this wasn’t even Saved by the Bell‘s first foray into a music career. The most infamous musical moment was Hot Sundae, Jessie Spano’s girl group in the episode “Jessie’s Song.” The band was basically as influential as The Supremes, but even better ’cause they had spandex and BANGS (it’s really impossible to describe Kelly Kapowski’s bangs in lower-case letters).

This episode was basically a miniature version of Walk the Line or Ray, because once Jessie finds success in music, she obviously turns to drugs. This is a hard clip to watch. Right up there with the grittiest Intervention episodes. Be forewarned.

I think Joey Lawrence (or as I like to call him, Whoa-ey Lawrence) played himself on Blossom (right?), so when he decided he wanted to try out Gerardo‘s career, so did his character on the show.

After seeing him shirtless, in black leather, doing ballet twirls… the Philadelphia Eagles jersey just looks insincere.

On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Tatyana Ali’s character has a skyrocketing music career for a few episodes. I think it just gave the producers a reason to finally show how much her chest character has really grown.

Even back in 1994, Jared Leto was trying to get everyone to focus on his music career. So naturally, his character on My So-Called Life would burst into song (in a non-Glee sort of way) whenever he had the chance.

Stephanie Tanner dabbled in the music biz on Full House, covering the legendary Ace of Base, with disastrous(!) results.

The name of her band was Girl Talk, which is now the name of some hipster mash-up musician. I’m sure he didn’t name himself after the Full House band. That would be way too ironic. And hipsters tend to stray from irony.

Let me know if I’m forgetting any big ones. Maybe Mike Seaver dabbled in a rap career, or Donna Martin got heavy into the grunge scene. Too bad Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t all singy-dancy until after Doogie Howser, MD. Right?


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2 Comments on “When TV Characters Pretend to be Singers”

  1. Krys Says:

    Hey Man, Alan Thicke (Mike Seaver) has been known to bust into song every now and again and he actually has a decent voice. You know music runs in his family *cough Robin cough*. Out of this bunch I’d have to say the Saved by the Bell stint was the most memorable. Me and my friends used to re-enact that scene with her and Zack when we wanted to laugh which is an obvious sign that the writers failed at trying to deliver a “serious” message because all we thought was “hey Jessie’s going batshit crazy!”Hi-lar-i-ous!

  2. Alicia Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I love, freakin love, your blog!!

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