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Movie Night Meal: Willow

February 27, 2010

Every few weeks, I get together with some of my favorite drunks friends to watch a cheesy movie and eat some food that fits that particular movie’s theme. In the past we’ve done Drop Dead Fred with kid food (PB&J sandwiches, Sloppy Joe’s, mac & cheese), Phantasm with ball-shaped foods (Swedish meatballs, sweet & sour meatballs, cheese balls, bon bons), Road House with barbecue (pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad), and the amazing-beyond-words The Room with macho food (Salisbury steak, beef & cheddar mac).

Our most recent viewing was Willow with miniature foods.

Willow (1988, directed by Ron Howard) stars Warwick Davis as a dwarf who saves a baby princess from goblins, wicked queens, two-headed monsters, and bitchy redheads.

The menu included:

Mini Chicken Pot Pies
Mini Quesadillas
Mini Ravioli
Doughnut Holes
*recipe below

The movie was far less cheesy than I expected (or remembered) it to be, and aside from the obvious and tasteless midget jokes, we were hard-pressed to make fun of the movie throughout. Some things I did notice:

-Warwick Davis is pretty awesome. If Peter Dinklage can play non-elf/goblin/troll/leprechaun roles, why don’t we see more of Warwick (minus makeup) in movies today?

-Val Kilmer has some seriously luxurious hair in this movie. That shit had shimmer and shine.

-Joanne Whalley’s character has possibly the world’s quickest turnaround in this movie. She goes from megabitch of the century, doing all she can to kill a baby, to suddenly becoming the movie’s heroine once she gets a few winks from Val. Who knew that getting some Kilmer lovin’ was the cure for infanticidal tendencies?

-Why do the Brownies (played by Kevin Pollack and another dude) have stereotypical Mexican accents? That was weird.

-The ’80s special effects were pretty gnarly, but this was the first movie to use a “morphing” effect (that’s right, it wasn’t Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” music video).

-On a side note, 7-ounce bottles of Coronitas are ideal for making small-handed gentlemen feel manly.




February 27, 2010

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